Intensive Care Nursing/Trauma/Trauma Systems and Transport

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Pre-Hospital Triage

The aim is to reduce preventable trauma deaths in the pre-hospital setting by matching patient needs with appropriate care provision. Triage systems assist the initial clinical assessment and identification of a major trauma patient. Pre-hospital major trauma need to be identified according to specified physiological and anatomical criteria. In Australia the Victorian State Trauma System has a pre-hospital triage guideline [1]

Activation protocols

Major trauma triage guidelines provide activation protocols for pre-hospital trauma Systems for adult and paediatric patients. Major trauma patients where possible should be transferred directly to an adult or paediatric major trauma service by the ambulance service. If a major trauma service is not available within a timely manner or weather conditions do not allow safe transport then the patient should be triaged to the nearest and highest-level trauma service available. The protocol must ensure the most appropriate decision of air versus ground is undertaken for safe and time appropriate transport.


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