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Course Description[edit]

To understand IP law and applications to education using the Wikiversity as a project site.

Sampling at the Wikiversity[edit]

Seminar initiation[edit]


The world samples freely in music, images, and other material, and probably has for all of time. Given that Google has been allowed by the US Supreme Court to put "thumb nails" of otherwise privately held material in its search data, the use of sampling has moved into high gear as "Fair use" and "Transformation."

To intiate this seminar, please put your name (as a link to your discussion page as above) and give a few off-the-cuff ideas you may have about this topic with about 100 words. The purpose is to gather ideas to create the future topics for the seminar. As this is intended to be "real" and become the basis of policy, you will be evaluated. (The evaluation process will guaranteed fair, as it will be the topic of another seminar.)

Sample member[edit]

Note: this is mean to be a humorous example I think the issues are that it is:

  • unfair
  • useful
  • draconian

to prevent us from leveraging fair use because of the political/corporate desires of Eric Raymond.

Sources: Why Eric Raymond created Open Source by Richard M. Nixon [link]

Semiar Logistics[edit]

To create your "heading" create this: ====[[User_talk:''YOUR NAME''|''YOUR NAME'']]==== which will yield this:


Your writing.


I did evaluation on a boat contruction / designing forum, and it worked great, I evaluated on how "human" responers where as "human 1.0." is totally human. From my on-line counselling course, I realize that there need to be levels. As we will use Agile concepts of cyclic learning with milestones, then proficiency in commenting earns the marks to move. That is, if you have thought-out ideas, then you get + marks.

  • ++
    You really get the topic. If you can see effects of the topic to related issues, meaning contiguous or neighboring issues, then you are acheiving an important current-education goal, which is seeing the world as a Whole systems model.
  • +
    You can move on to the next topic.
  • 0 (or even)
    You can practice this topic in the real world.
  • none yet
    Keep at it, you will get there!

I think that, for evaluation, anybody can go back and update their material (keeping within word limits) to improve their evaluation, and hence the effect of their research and synthesis on WV policy. In other words, +'s mean effect on the environment.

Also, collaboration is a must here, so mutually improving synthesis should also get ++ by virtue of being mutual.



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  • Wikipedia documents