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Knowledge Check 1

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List the 10 steps of conducting a user test below.











Knowledge Check 2

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Read the following scenario introducing the user test you will be performing for this knowledge check.

Hi, my name's Joann and I will be your contact during this self-paced user test. The purpose of this user test is to test your attitudes and the usability regarding the 'Introduction to the Psychomotor Behaviors' lesson.

What does this mean to you? I'd like you to go through the lesson and read the text, click on the links, take the activities and learning activity. The learning activity is not being graded. I encourage you document everything you're thinking, both the good and bad. If something is confusing, say it's confusing. If you like a particular scenario or the way the information is displayed, say that also. Since this is self-paced and taken without an observer, you option to ask question is via e-mail or a phone call. Please remember I'm unable to help you through the evaluation but can answer generic informational questions.

This is a one page lesson with tables, images, and a learning activity. As you're testing the lesson, please print out and complete the attached evaluation form. You can send me your evaluation via the company's internal mail system. Be sure to write down what happens while you're testing, thoughts, comments, screen prints, and anything else you would like known about the lesson.

To conduct this test, please open the following documents and then click on lesson link. Please remember to complete the time you start/stop and your name in case we need to contact you for clarification.

Thank you for your participation in this user test.

Here's your chance to perform a user test on an e-learning page.
This test will take about 10-15 minutes.

  • To open an new browser window, hold the SHIFT key when you click on the links.
  • If you do not open a separate window, click the browser's BACK button to return to this page.

To conduct this test, please perform the following:

Step 1: Print the User Test Evaluation Document to complete during your test: Blank User Testing Form

Step 2: Open the Wikiversity page by holding the SHIFT key down at the same time you click on the link making the page open in a new browser window:

Step 3: Conduct a user test on the Introduction to the Psychomotor Behaviors Wikiversity page. Write all your comments on the blank document and complete tester questionnaire.

Step 4: Once you've completed your evaluation, open this completed document to compare your results. Completed User Evaluation Form

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