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User testing of an e-learning course can be completed in many ways, such as:

  • using virtual synchronous web technology and communication tools where the observer watches the tester as he/she completes the instruction;
  • having the observer in the same room as the tester, taking notes as he/she watches the tester go through the course and listen to him/her talk out loud; and
  • self-paced where the tester is provided evaluation materials, access to the course, letting them proceed on their own without an observer present.

User testing is best performed with an observer, but not every company/school has the resources for a virtual synchronous web evaluation or an observer sitting next to the evaluator.

To assist you in testing, this lesson presents tips to successful e-learning evaluations and the steps to performing a user test. After you've completed this lesson, you'll participate in an activity performing a user test in a selected Wikiversity page.


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Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • List the steps for conducting a user test
  • Conduct a user test on an e-learning course

Lesson Topics

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  1. Steps of User Testing
  2. Evaluation Tips
  3. Check Your Knowledge 3

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