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Segment 1: Introduction to R2D2

“Why learn R2D2? Why is it useful? What does it do?”

R2D2 (which stands for Read, Reflect, Display, and Do) is a model designed to help online instructors and/or online course designers to integrate learning activities that accommodate all learning styles. Although web-based learning has become increasingly popular, many of the activities used in web-based learning are predominantly text-based and do not take learning styles into consideration. The R2D2 model provides 4 phases that it recommends for inclusion in all online courses. By including these 4 phases in your instruction, you automatically make your learning activities attractive to all learning styles and create an interactive course that utilizes many tools that the internet and online learning can provide.

The R2D2 model is intended to provide guidance to online course designers, online trainers, and/or online teachers that will help them integrate non-text based instruction that is appealing to different learning preferences. The authors of the model think it is important to facilitate the movement from text-based learning toward learning activities that integrate collaboration and promote hands-on and active learning.

During this Wikiversity learning module you will be able to:

  • become familiar with the R2D2 model,
  • identify the 4 main phases of the R2D2 model,
  • describe each phase as well as give example activities from each phase of the model,
  • match activities to the correct phase,
  • use a performance checklist that will help you to utilize the model,
  • share with others how you might use this model in your situation, and
  • gain additional resources that might also help you in planning your project.

The R2D2 Navigation list below will be found at the bottom of each page to provide users the capability to navigate throughout this learning module.

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