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Module 3 – Exercise[edit | edit source]

Now that you’ve completed module 1 & 2, let’s practice what you’ve learnt. Choose a topic and list out key points that you think a student should know about it and create an enhanced assignment from module 2. Add to the below table by clicking the edit button to the top right of the page.

Your name Topic Key Points Problem Definition Improvements
Avriel Lee Sensory, short-term, and working memory *Perception and attention are guided by prior knowledge
  • Information processing is easier when to-be-learned information is distributed in the working memory
  • Resources and data limitations constrain learning
At an “Invest in yourself” company which sells income stream training to students on topics like real estate, stock market investing, Infopreneuring and social media marketing. These past few months due to low sales and student retention, the company decided on revamping how the students learned the material, successfully applying it, and then purchasing another stream of training with us. In the past, we’ve used traditional methods like seminar training, online training modules and hard copy manuals accompanied with audio/video DVDs. These work with some people but we are trying to wide range of students to boost sales and have students learn better, be successful and having that profitable training pay off, stay with the company. Real estate investing, to new students would include a either a physically live training session or a webinar live training session that would introduce the definitions, concepts and need-to-know of real estate investing. Followed by a 4 to 8 (depending on the subject), 1 hr long recorded training modules that would have quizzes to test the students understanding of the material. On completion of the online modules, students will be assigned a mentor where he will guide students on making their first real estate deal.