ICT in Education/Change Projects/2016C Zimbabwe Formulation of a Policy to Incorporate the Use of ICT

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Title of the change project :Formulation of a policy to incorporate the use of ICT in teaching and learning at the National University of Science and Technology

Change agent : Novuyo N. T. Bobo

Email : n******@******.com

Name of the organisation :National University of Science and Technology

Country : Zimbabwe

Started date :

Status (finished/ongoing) :

1. Background of the project (problem):The challenge faced is who implements  the use of ICT and how it will be implemented. The  university will then need to develop a policy on the implementation of  ICT in teaching and learning at the university .

The policy will act as a guideline on the use of ICTs in education , it will address concerns over the responsibilities of individuals in the uptake and implementation of ICTs in education.

2. Objectives : The main objective is to formulate a policy that will govern the use of ICTs in teaching and learning at NUST and also to develop a policy that will provide guidelines on the roles of different sections in the incorporation of ICTs in teaching and learning.

3. Stakeholders : Staff and Students

4. List of Activities :1.   

   Identify and define the problem (Identified).

      Appoint a person or person(s) to coordinate the policy development process

  Establish the policy development process

4.      Conduct research

a.      Read policy documents created by other organisations on the same topic

b.      Research legislation

c.       Conduct a meeting with staff and other people with experience in the subject

d.      Survey participants or a particular group of participants

e.      Read documents such as annual reports

f.       Seek legal advice

5.      Prepare a discussion paper

6.      Consultation Stage 1

7.      Prepare draft Policy

8.      Consultation Stage 2

9.      Adoption

10.  Communication

11.  Review and evaluate .

5. Expected result ; 

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

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