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Title of the change project : HeHelabs Research and Innovation Lab

Change agent : Richard Rusa

Email : rusa@hehelabs.com

Name of the organisation : HeHelabs

Country : Rwanda

Started date : January, 2017

Status (finished/ongoing) : Ongoing

1. Background of the project (problem): When trying to hire in different fields of technology our company was faced with a skill gap challenge from university graduates entering the labor market for the first time. They have limited exposure to the industry's best practices.

2. Objectives : We created a Research and innovation lab with as objective to groom the next generation of dynamic, passionate and skilled African innovators by exposing them to the realities of emerging technologies and their applications through hands-on training in relevant technology fields, critical thinking, and leadership skills, while inspiring them to be at the forefront of the continent’s innovation. Our goal is to scale the movement of innovators up through a digital platform for early collaboration and co-creation.

3. Stakeholders : High schools, Universities, Innovation hubs, Github

4. List of Activities : User Research, Product design and development, Product deployment and promotion

5. Expected result : A digital collaboration platform

6.  Actual result  : A network of about 1000 young software developers, sharing, collaborating and implementing new ideas

7. The Project organisation :

Last Updated : 20th February, 2017