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Title of the change project :'Planning for Management Information Systems (MIS) in public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Cambodia. '

Change agent :'Management Information Systems(IMS) in public Higher Education Institutions'

Email :'botumsoum@yahoo.com'

Name of the organisation :'Department of Higher Education'

Country :'Cambodian'

Started date : 1 April 2017

Status (finished/ongoing) : 31 June 2017

1. Background of the project (problem):Currently, most public HEIs in Cambodia don’t have strong systems in place to manage all the key areas such as finance, human resources, students. Any systems that HEIs do have are not integrated. There is much duplication of work, inefficient processes and a lack of key information. There are proposed plans for public to become more autonomous, and at the same time to have stronger systems of governance and management, including integrated Management Information Systems. HEIs are also starting to become interested in MIS, and how these systems could support them to become more efficient. However, there is currently little understanding of MIS, and of how to move forward with this idea and make more concrete plans.

2. Objectives : The objective of the project is to gain a better understanding of the requirements of HEIs, the options available and the key decisions that need to be taken, and to develop a road-map to guide the development and implementation of MIS for public autonomous HEIs.

3. Stakeholders : 9 Public HEIs in Cambodia, Arount 20 participent

4. List of Activities : Some activities to help achieve this will include: • Assessing the current systems of HEIs • Learning about MIS through the use of online courses, in-house trainings, reading and research • Conducting meetings with staff from HEIs and colleagues from the DHE and Ministry of Education Youth and Sport to discuss and the requirements • See demonstrations of MIS at other organisations or from suppliers • Develop a draft road map for the development and implementation of MIS in public HEIs • Conduct meetings with HEIs and DHE staff to review the draft and receive feedback

5. Expected result ; The expected result will be a roadmap on the development and implementation of MIS in public HEIs. This would be used to guide MIS development in individual HEIs or across the HEI sector.

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

Last Updated : 20 February 2017