ICT in Education/Change Projects/2016C Bangladesh Secondary Education Quality and Access Enhancement

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Title of the change project : Monitoring of ICT Programs of Secondary Level Institutions in Bangladesh

Change agent : Prim Rizvi

Email : primrizvi3@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : Secondary Quality and access enhancement project (SEQAEP)

Country : Bangladesh

Started date :March 2017

Status (finished/ongoing) : On going

1. Background of the project (problem): To ensure transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of existing ICT Programs in Secondary Level Education in Bangladesh

2. Objectives : To maintain transparency in fund and other allocations

3. Stakeholders : Students, Teachers, USEOs, DEOs, Doners

4. List of Activities :Preparing monitorig reports, Online assessment and evaluation, provide suggestion to strengthen monitoring system

5. Expected result ; More transparency and accountability to monitor the ICT Programs.

6.  Actual result  :Will be found out after the project completion

7. The Project organisation : Bangladesh Govt. and myself

Last Updated : 20 February 2017