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Title of the change project :'Toward a perfect eLearning Policy At Africa University'[edit | edit source]

Change agent :'Richard Fotsin'[edit | edit source]

Email :'ff.richard"gmail.com'[edit | edit source]

Name of the organisation :'AFRICA UNIVERSITY'[edit | edit source]

Country :'ZIMBABWE'[edit | edit source]

Started date :

Status (finished/ongoing) :

Background/Challenge [edit | edit source]

Africa University’s Vision as stated in the Charter is “improved quality of life, Peace and Prosperity for the Peoples of Africa through Quality Higher Education that includes teaching, research, community service and leadership development.”  In order to enhance this Vision, Africa University has engaged in the use of technology for educational purposes at all levels. Currently the Institution has attempted to introduce digital technologies to complement traditional face ­to ­face learning processes. The Institution has gone as far as implementing blended online programmes by setting up a satellite campus in Maputo (Mozambique) to accommodate an Online EMBA programme. Although the infrastructure (learning management system) and human resources were identified and put in place, the project failed due to lack of clarity and guideline principles to deliver the programme as a result of the absence of a Policy to: ­

  • guide the adoption of digital technologies
  • ­ implement staff training;
  • ­ create a Pedagogical Model tailor­made for our environment;
  • ­ articulate digital education quality assurance principles;
  • ­ establish an elearning support center, appropriate technological infrastructure;
  • ­ inform an eLearning oriented budget.

Objective [edit | edit source]

The objective of this project is to formulate a Comprehensive Policy for eLearning at Africa University.

Target group [edit | edit source]

  • Senior management
  • Administrative Staff
  • Teaching Staff
  • Students
  • Support Units

Activities [edit | edit source]

  • Stakeholders Workshops for Situational Analysis  and identification of key needs to ithe Policy;
  • Establishment of a Committee to come up with a draft policy;
  • Dissemination of the Draft Policy to stakeholders for feedback;
  • Submission of the Draft Policy to Africa University Senate;
  • Adoption of the Policy by Africa University Board of Directors;
  • Evaluation of the Policy.

Expected results [edit | edit source]

The project will help:

  • Define guidelines for Online Pedagogical Principles and Good Practices;
  • Define the structure and roles of concerned stakeholders;
  • Establish regular Staff training and awareness;
  • Establish full online programmes;
  • The adoption of digital technologies at all levels of the learning process;
  1. Background of the project (problem):
  2. Objectives :
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