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Change agent : Oswell Hapanyengwi

Email : oswelltap@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : University of Zimbabwe

Country : Zimbabwe

Started date : 06 September 2016

Status (finished/ongoing) : Ongoing

1. Background of the project (problem):  

At my university there is a drive towards the use of ICT in teaching beyond the mere use of PowerPoint. The facilities are there, intenetconnectivity is very good, but most of the lecturers especially those whose subjects appear not to have anything to do with ICT including me are not ICT savvy. So, my major interest is to know what I can do with ICT in improving my teaching. I would then want to pass on this knowledge to my lecturers starting with the 14 we discussed during group work. The challenge as I see it is lack of knowledge of how to use ICT as a tool in pedagogy.  This is the context of my change project. At least this week I have learnt about the flipped classroom. This is an example of the kind of change it would like to implement in my Faculty. I am hoping that through the coaching sessions and your expertise the project succeed. So the title is, and can change as per your advice  

2. Objectives :

The objectives of the project are to:

i. develop in lecturers the capacity to integrate ICTs in the teaching learning activities as tools that facilitate student learning;

ii. equip lecturers with information on available ICTs that are free for their use pedagogical activities

iii. enable lecturers to impart skills on ICT use to their student teachers, and

iv. make the Faculty of Education the model of fully integrating ICTs in pedagogical development.

3. Stakeholders :

Faculty of Education

University of Zimbabwe

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development

4. List of Activities :

i. Consultations with the university Computer Centre it can assist in the change project;

ii. workshops with 14 Faculty of Education lecturers;

iii. Training of lecturers in Education on how to integrate ICTs in pedagogy 

5. Expected result ;  

i.14 lecturers are able to use ICTs to vary their teaching methods; 

ii. all lecturers in the Faculty of Education trained in integrating ICTs in their planning and execution of learning activities;

iii. all lecturers in the Faculty of Education will be able to do all their teaching through ICTs; and

iv.   the Faculty of Education as the hub for ICT integration that associate teachers colleges can work with in integrating ICTs in their programmes.

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation : LifeAcademy

Last Updated :