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Title of the change project : Improving the Application of ICT knowledge in the teaching and learning process

Change agent : Namusobya Nasabu Wagwa

Email : namusobyanasabu@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : Kampala Parents' School

Country : Uganda

Started date : October, 2016

Status (finished/ongoing) : Ongoing

1. Background of the project (problem): - Use of manual typewriters which could not store data. - Door-to-door message delivery. - Boring classroom l lessons delivery. - Teacher-Centred approach. - Lack of knowledge internationally. - Less knowledge and research.

2. Objectives : - To use the technology to communicate information to the pupils. - To acquire more knowledge and information on ICT since it is a key factor in the teaching and learning process in the modern world


- Apply ICT in the teaching process. - To make teaching environment live. - Changing the teaching methods from analogue to digital. - Create job makers and not job seekers.

3. Stakeholders : Teachers and pupils.

4. List of Activities : - Conduct four ICT seminars for teachers to learn different programs and how they can incorporate ICT in their teaching / learning

  process .

- Organise two seminars for teachers in the use of Internet - Hold three workshops for teachers to learn the use of ICT gadgets / software

5. Expected result ;  - A change in the teachers and pupils as far as digital migration is concerned - Well equipped staff with ICT knowledge and learning materials to supplement their lessons. - Live and motivated working environment with the use of ICT. - Acquire ICT skills and be able to use the Internet to access knowledge that may be useful to their work

 -Creation of business opportunities for students worldwide.

6.  Actual result  : Use of ICT for Globalization

7. The Project organisation : Life Academy 2016B

Last Updated : 13th September, 2016 Primary teachers Pupils.