ICT in Education/Change Projects/2016B Rwanda Using E-Learning tools in teaching learning

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Title of the change project : Using e-learning tools to enhance quality of teaching learning and assessment at Rukara campus, University of Rwanda, College of Education

Change agent : MACUMI Pontien and Mukamana Helene

Email :mapontien2001@yahoo.fr, mukamahela@gmail.com

Name of the organisation :University of Rwanda, College of Education, Rukara Campus

Country :RWANDA

Started date :4th August 2016

Status (finished/ongoing) :Ongoing

1. Background of the project (problem): The main problem is that at college and campus, lecturers are handling big number of students using the traditional methods and approaches of lecturing, talking, students listening, taking notes, photocopying handouts, cramming for tests and examinations. Even though teaching staff are using the above mentioned traditional methods, the university has paid huge amount of money for ICT software which are currently used by quite small number of teachers.

2. Objectives :Our main objective is to develop and maintain well structured e learning materials on moodle platform at University of Rwanda, College of Education, Rukara Campus. Another objective is to improve Rukara Campus staff capacity in instructional technology for quality teaching.

3. Stakeholders :all teaching staff of Rukara campus, all students of Rukara campus, IT staff of Rukara campus, administrative staff of Rukara campus

4. List of Activities :Developing course content/materials (presentations, videos, games, case studies, assignments, questions), uploading these materials on moodle, talking to students about the platform, monitoring students use of the platform, organizing workshops with other colleagues teachers about moodle platform, monitoring if teachers are using the platform.

5. Expected result ;All teachers using moodle, all students access to their course materials/content through moodle 

6.  Actual result  : Every lecturer has at least uploaded course description on moodle

7. The Project organization :August 2016: IT staff training of all staff, Sept 2016-January 2017:teachers uploading modules contents and material online, during the same period, students have to be accessing to the course online throughout this period.

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