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Title of Change Project : School and Community partnership to integrate ICT into Pedagogy in rural area of Bangladesh

Change agent : Md. Akhtar Hossain Kutubi

Contact : Assistant Professor (Mathematics) of Govt. Teachers’ Training College, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Email: kutubi03@gmail.com, mahkutubi@yahoo.com

Country : Bangladesh

Start : October 2016

Status : Ongoing


ICT skill is one of the most important “21st Century Skills” in education. Sometimes, it calls “Digital age literacy”. Effective and efficient use of ICTs empower teachers to present contents in classroom with fun. It creates an opportunity to make classes interactive and enjoyable. The ICT tools make a closer relation among the teachers and relevant community people that make a scope of sharing ideas, views, and exchange different resources. So, one can receive help from others using ICTs. ICT allows students to think. It shifts the teacher- centered learning environment to a learner-centered environment.

The Kutubdia, is an island of Bangladesh where I born and brought up in and completed school level education. It is a cyclone prone area in my country that lost 20,000 lives in 1991. It is also a poverty-stricken area though some of the people are very rich and serving in the big post of both government and non-government offices. I talked to them about ICT integration in schools of the island. They agreed to finance the project. I am also committed person to serve a little my native place of birth. I myself is an ICT trainer as well as a teacher educator. I contributed in this field in different ways. I am a co-writer of 14 days long ICT Training Manual, 5 days long ICT Follow up Training Manual. Recently, I have completed a 46 days long Advanced ICT Training Course and positioned 3rd in the course among 24 participants conducted by Teaching Quality Improvement-II (TQI-II) in secondary Education Project (www.tqi2.gov.bd) under ministry of Education, Bangladesh. It covers C Programming, Graphics, Web Application, and Mobile Apps Development skills. At present, I am writing the Manual to conduct 46 days Advanced ICT Training Course for school teachers. In M Ed program, I have a course on ICT integration in education. Through this course I learned some educational models to use ICTs in education. So, I think that I can support the project better if I receive training.


The proposed objectives of this project is:

1.      to orient the use of ICTs in classroom teaching.

2.      to increase textual knowledge along with pedagogical integration in classroom teaching.

3.      to support the school teachers in ICT use.

4.      to make able the teachers to explore the power of ICTs in education.

5.      involving community leaders, rich people and well-wishers in developing school teaching-learning environment.

6.      improve the quality of teaching-learning environment in school.

Target Group:

The primary target people of this change project is secondary school teachers. Certainty, students of schools, the ICT trainers, school Principals and Head Teachers will catch benefit from this project. In addition, community is one of the agent in this project as they will engage in financing and assisting in training.


  • Generating of fund communicating with proper people (primary consultation already done)
  • Selecting school(s) for first phase training
  • Selecting 4 teachers (2 females & 2 Males from each school)
  • Training Need Identification (TNI) will be conducted among teachers, staff personals and students.
  • Accordingly, a course curriculum will be finalized consulting with appropriate personel.
  • The teachers’ and staff will receive training by turn.
    • Local resource persons, learned guardians, community leaders will be involved.
    • My colleagues and myself will provide training with free of cost.
  • Field visit to observe the classes and to collect students’ response
  • Evaluation of  effect of training
  • Smart phones will be used for internet connectivity (hotspot) as it is becoming cheap.

Expected Results:

The expected outcomes are as follows:

1.      A group of teachers with Enhanced textual and pedagogical knowledge will be deployed in teaching

2.      Teachers can be able to explore the power of ICTs in education.

3.      Can extend their (teachers) sight for more resources from internet.

4.      Will be created a close network among the teachers.

5.      Sustainable and Quality teaching-learning environment will be ensured.

6.      Maintained good partnership with the community.

7.     Others teachers will be inspired and will wish to get trained.

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