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Title of the change project : Training of Computer Technicians and Creating awareness on the importance of ICT

Change agent : Shadrick Guanue Tougbay

Email :stougbay@moe.gov.lr

Name of the organisation : Ministry of Education Www.moe.gov.lr

Country : Liberia

Started date : March 17, 2016

Status (finished/ongoing) : Pending

1. Background of the project (problem):

It is very important to acknowledge or create awareness on the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the educational sectors of Liberia to promote quality education for all. About 80% Liberians both teachers, students, school administrators, and even the parents in Liberia don’t know the usefulness of ICT which is one of the reasons hindering ICT implementation into our country’s school systems. And with the current implementation of ICT at the Ministry of Education across Liberia, we need to at least train thirty (30) computer technicians in computer hardware, basic networking, and application software such as Microsoft excel, word, PowerPoint, and multimedia utility to manage the county offices.

2. Objectives :To create awareness on the usefulness and build strong networks for ICT implementation and its integration into our school systems and increase our manpower in the ICT profession for smooth operations and effective management of the computer equipment deployed at county offices.

3. Stakeholders :

1)   Stakeholders

Excluding additional donors and partners who may become involved in the future, the primary stakeholders in this project include:

·        The MoE ICT Department

·        ICT vendors that either support products or provide services

·        County Education Officers (CEO’s, one in each county)

·        Deputy Minister for Administration, Minister Aagon F. Tingba

·        Senior MoE department managers who work with staff in each county office (HR, Finance, Instruction, etc.)

·        Selected staff in each county office

·        Service providers

·        Students

·        Teaches

·        School administrators

4. List of Activities :The major activities in this project include

1.    Creating awareness on  the importance of ICT implementation in educational sectors of Liberia

2.    Selecting of county technical staff for training

3.    Preparing of teaching materials

4.    Locating of training centers

5.    The training of county technical staff to manage the ICT equipment and

6.    Reassignment of technical staff after the training

Sub- Activities are:

1.    Monitoring and evaluation of the current implementation at the Ministry of Education

2.    Recording of present equipment installed across Liberia into database

3.    Identify gaps and improve current implementation

4.    Creating of blog for ICT implementation and education prioritization

5.    Inclusion of religious institution for their full participation

5. Expected result ;ü  The public will be educated on the use of ICT in education in Liberia and promote ICT integration into our school systems. Convince the Executive Branch of Government and National Legislature to allocate budget for ICT implementation in educational sectors of Liberia. 

ü  Strong network for ICT integration/implementation stability in Liberia’s educational systems be established throughout the country.

ü  Trained computer technicians in the 15 counties to manage the computer equipment installed in these counties.

ü  Good management of the equipment in the counties with better coordination with the central office in Monrovia.

ü  The project will also provide good record system of the Ministry of Education ICT equipment across Liberia.

ü  Provides monitoring and evaluation system for these activities within the networks.  

6.  Actual result  : Quality Education for all through the use of ICT.

7. The Project organisation :

The group below will function essentially as a steering committee.

·        Shadrack Guanue Tougbay—Project Manager

·        Siafa Bottomley, Chief Information Officer (MoE), Project Advisor

·        Mr Josephus Meatay  Act.HR Director

·        MoE (designee  Aagon F.Tingba, Deputy Minister for Administration )

·        Partner coordinator/advisor (Any funding Donor(s)

Last Updated : February 2, 2016