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Title of the change project :Enhancing access to quality technologies through the uses of ICT in schools

Change agent : Mai Sati

Email : maisati@yahoo.com

Name of the organisation : Liberian Women Empowerment Network (LIWEN)

Country : Liberia

Started date : February 1, 2016

Status (finished/ongoing) : On-Going

1. Background of the project (problem):

Liberia is a country emerging from years of protracted and devastating civil conflict, having experienced spiral of social, economic, ethnic and largely political conflicts, which spanned nearly two decades and affected the entire economy system, infrastructure and basic services. ICT skills are a key demand among teachers based on the indication that 80% of teachers lack ICT competency. This situation arises because ICT as a pedagogical and instructional tool is notably absent from the curriculum of Liberia. Most teachers cannot afford to take any private ICT training unless provided by the government, which the government do not offer ICT as pre-requisite to schools or institutions.

Precise to this proposal is how we can embed information and communication technologies to be used to support teaching , learning in schools, communities and how the various ICT initiatives can be developed to assist deficiency reduction, ensuring gender equity and meeting the millennium development goals.

2. Objectives :

Overall objective

To build up and conduct new practical initiatives in the area of social educational through ICT and evaluate their impact in learning 

Specific objectives

1.    Build competence on ICT in social education at adolescence and teenage centers/schools

2.    Improve community learning  through the means of ICT

3. Stakeholders :

Politicians, Organizations with a keen interest in education for children, the ministry of education of Liberia, parents in the target communities and school/teenage center administrations

4. List of Activities :


1.    Stakeholders orientation meeting; in this activity we shall bring mobilize all the project stakeholders form the target communities to loop them in on what the project is all about

2.    Identify schools and teenage centers to work with; the trained facilitators to serve as coaches during the project period.

3.    Conduct training of youth/teenage on use of ICT in social programs; the project team while then conduct a workshop with students and Pupil in schools.

4.    Sensitization of pupils, students, youths on the importance of ICT and the need to embraces it; this is more of a campaign on the use of ICT for education and learning

5.    Ongoing mentoring on ICT programming and use for administrations and target beneficiaries; this shall be ongoing support to schools and students/youths and also sharing on challenges and success stories

6.    Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of ICT towards sharing information and learning among target groups

5. Expected result ; 

1.    Facts and capacity on ICT built shall be used beyond target youth and teenage centers into schools and other places of learning. 

2.    ICT shall become a major means of communication and learning among the beneficiaries

3.     Facilitators from this lead project shall be key and instrumental in training, coaching and mentoring others in the increase project.

6.  Actual result  :

The project is going according to plan

7. The Project organisation :

Position Responsibility
President Executive oversight over project interventions
Programs Manager Support and responsible in programming and implementation
Administrator  Support with project logistics
Project Coordinator( Mai Sati) Over see the entire project and ensure things are done as planed
Finance Officer  Prepare financial reports
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer  Do Monitoring and evaluation of the project, prepare evaluation reports
Community Facilitators  Conduct trainings, workshops, do follow up, and write activity reports.

Last Updated : Feb. 8, 2016