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Title of the change project :ICT Integration to teaching and Learning

Change agent :Mekonnen

Email :mekonnen1997@yahoo.com

Name of the organisation :Addis Ababa University

Country :Ethiopia

Started date :

Status (finished/ongoing) :

1. Background of the project (problem):

•Addis Ababa University is making efforts to move the university education to meet international standards in provision of high-quality teaching, learning, research and services.In order for the University to become competitive globally and to create foundation for the knowledge economy, the system needs to be improved significantly.There is considerable interest from the government for Universities to create links with industries.The government has set its second five years growth and transformation plan which will be effective from 2015-2020.In implementing this plan, the government demands from the university greater contributions through research and human power production.To meet its goals, currently, Addis Ababa University has changed its old curriculum to the new modular based curriculum with the aim of changing the teaching method from a teacher centered (lecture-based instruction) to student centered and interactive learning methods.In order to implement the new modular curriculum and achieve learner contentedness and interactive learning, Addis Ababa University has already recognized the role of integrating ICT to other teaching and learning methods.In Ethiopian schools in general and in Addis Ababa University in particular, integration of ICT to teaching learning process is almost none existing or it is at its infant stage.

•Integration of ICT to teaching learning process may include the use of the combination of the following ICT tools:

–The use of computers or laptops for education

–The use of digital videos

–Digital libraries(e-books and electronic publications)

–The use of Internet and e-mail facilities for educational purposes,

–The use of educational Games and simulations, and etc.•In Ethiopia, there are 31 universities and most of these universities  are new with less than 10 years of ages. The new universities when compared with the older ones lack resources and particularly they have lack of experienced professors. Currently, Ethiopia is building 10 additional universities in different parts of the country. These universities will also face shortage of staffs.Staff distribution among universities close to Addis Ababa, the capital city and other universities is not the same

2. Objectives :

The general of objective of this change project is to produce video lectures of distinguished professors and make them available to all university students of the country using learning management tool

3. Stakeholders :

4. List of Activities :

5. Expected result ; 

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

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