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Title of the change project : Teacher-Student Interaction Through ICT

Change agent : Chantola Cheng

Email : cheng_chantola@yahoo.com

Name of the organization : Dei Dos Highschool, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

Country : Cambodia

Started date : November 2015

Status (finished/ongoing) :

1. Background of the project (problem):

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. ICT nowadays is considered as the key important for everyday life and is a very helpful tool for everybody to engage with work, study and so on effectively and efficiently. ICT is a part of education development. It makes the life easier. They use their phones for many purposes. However, some users do not use the smart phone in full capacity. They just call; play games, surfing internet & social media. Some users create or find the ways to learn and share something via the phone.   

Otherwise, at my current high school, Dei Dos, I have noticed that both teachers and students have smart phones in their hands. They use it for any purposes such as surfing internet, playing games, listening to music etc. Most of them use it for pleasures and call or sms. Meanwhile, I observe that teachers and students do not find the ways to interact teaching and learning through their smart phone. Teachers are not interested in using technologies. They do not aware the benefit of ICT usage. Moreover, they have limited capacity in using ICT-not using all capacity of its device. There aren’t up-to-dated techniques in teaching through ICT at my school. There is no any training on technology engaged with pedagogy at school. Teachers and students haven’t seen how fast and effectively work in ICT application to learning and teaching. They should create Group or Link on their cell phone for interaction and communication. There aren’t updated techniques in teaching through ICT at my school. I am willing to create the new rule for students and teachers to make a better learning through ICT.

2. Objectives :

Through stating the above problem, I have made the proposal to implement the project of interaction of learning on smart phone between teachers & students; between teacher and teacher, and between students and students even they live far away from each other. I am willing to create the new rule for students and teachers to make a better learning through ICT. Teachers and students must create group on Facebook or other social media in order to drop sources, assignments, homework, handouts, questions, and answers. They can go somewhere to access Wi-Fi in order to the created group/link and download those files. Teachers can explain students and students can ask questions through it easily and fast. They can share something else such as information, hot news, sources, and documents related education in this group. Moreover, students can do self-study and self-research when they stay far from schools. They can do peer-help as well. It is helpful for learners to find the answers or solution right away. There are more and more positive interaction between teachers and students.

3. Stakeholders :

In this proposed Change Project, for the group involved are mainly targeted the teachers of all subjects in Dei Dos High School and students. They can have chance to communicate with their teachers even they are not at school. They can go somewhere to learn.

4. List of Activities :

To effectively implement the project, there are the supported activity plans:

a.    Calling for the one who are interested and use the smart phone or other technology devices to have talk about its advantages

b.    Meeting with teachers & students to point out the advantages of teaching & learning through ICT

c.    Creating link/group on smart phone for each class/course

d.    Explaining stakeholders to know how to implement it

e.    Exposing teachers and students to engage with this new technique

f.     Piloting it in the real class within following it up

g.    Implementing this new technique and gaining feedback after using it

5. Expected result ;

The expected result of the project, teachers and students at Dei Dos High School will enjoy their studying and gain knowledge through link/group on smart phone. Students also develop their capacity and creativity through sharing. Their learning will become autonomy. Teachers are more interactive with students and their colleagues in teaching. Teachers become activators not facilitators anymore. They have more ideas and updated techniques to share. Students gain more knowledge from their teachers. They improve their study by friendly following up and interaction. They feel closed with their teachers to tell their concern and problem in study.

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

Last Updated : February 8, 2016