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Title of the change project : To achieve an effective teaching-learning system formatting pedagogy based e-books and practicing their uses in the classroom at Secondary Level in .

Change agent : nanda Rani Basak

Email : nandabasakboby@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : Govt. Teachers' Training College, Pabna

Country : Bangladesh

Started date : January 01, 2016

Status (finished/ongoing) : ongoing

Background of the project (problem):

In the age of global village, printed materials can not be the only medium of learning. As a 21st century learner, our children want to acquire knowledge by participating, by role playing, by debating, by watching audio-visual contents. Every children is unique. They want to learn by using their own creativity which can only be done through e-book. An e-book is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, videos, 3D-animations etc, readable on any sophisticated electronic device that features a controllable viewing screen including computers, tablets and smart-phones. The history of schooling in is quite long but even after the age long efforts we have not been successful in achieving a standard form of teaching-learning process. There is a lucid detach between the media students are generally using outside the classroom and the media they predominately use within the classroom. Pupils pass their free time playing games, watching movies, socializing & even shopping on the Internet, where they are immersed with 3D videos, animations, images and texts which is simply a digital territory. On the other hand, they spend their time in the classroom viewing printed text books and listening to a teacher. This detach is worrying. While students are used to having a range of means to express themselves through information outside of school, they must comply with a more developed digital environment within school. Printed materials are restricted but students' eagerness in acquiring knowledge and learning strengths are inexhaustible. As a result, the conventional printed medium has created a number of obstacles to access and learning. So the use of e-books is a must. It is observed that any classroom at Secondary Level in has not facilitated with e-books yet. So it is essential to bring innovation in the teaching-learning process. For this purpose, e-book can bring a radical change in this stagnant situation. The current project has been taken with a view to make e-books according to curriculum and syllabus using ICT with the integration of pedagogy to get rid of the problem and to improve the teaching & learning. The project has also been taken to increase attendance and attention of the students in the classes as well as to maintenance of learning outcomes that will obviously contribute to diminish huge national loss.

Objectives :

1. To find out & evaluate e-book related web based contents

according to curriculum .

2. To assemble the e-book related web based contents due to the


3. To prepare digital contents with integrated pedagogy & hyperlink

those with e-book.

4. To develop ICT based learning activities through e-books for the students at

Stack Holders: Secondary Level. level students ( specially grade VI )

4. List of Activities :

5. Expected result ;  

If the educators & the pupils use e-book in classroom, the teaching & learning is expected to improve in Secondary Level. E-books will save space and weight. The manufacture and distribution of e-book hardware will consume materials and energy of the environment. An e-book will allow for highlighting and annotation which will be displayed in a single screen. The dictionary included to e-book will be particularly valuable to get the meaning of the words while reading. The capability of e-books will potentially save a significant amount of time by allowing words, key terms or phrases to be searched within the whole text. Above all, an effective interaction between teachers & students is expected to develop properly. 

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation : Govt. Teachers' Training College, Pabna

Last Updated : 8th February, 2016