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Title of the change project : 'Web-based Science Resources collection and implementation in Science class teaching in secondary institutes'

Change agent : Mohammad Ataur Rahman

Email : ataurttc@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : Teachers Training College, Rajshahi.

Country : Bangladesh

Started date : 01.01.2016

Status (finished/ongoing) : on going

1. Background of the project (problem): The government of Bangladesh have made a plan to establish Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as the main vehicle of socio-economic development. To implement this plan, the ministry of education of Bangladesh established a large number of multimedia classroom in secondary level educational institutions including school and Madrasah, although effectively integrating ICT into teaching and learning systems is much more complicated than providing multimedia classroom. Traditional approaches to education system have been challenged by new and innovative approaches based on computer and Internet technology. Now web is more easy and resourceful area for education. If a teacher is incorporated with the web then he/she will be a more resourceful and update teacher. But most of the secondary school teachers are not efficient enough to utilize this modern technologies for their professional development which is the precondition for quality education. To make them familiar with these technologies, an intensive training on web-based science resources is significantly required. Through this training, the secondary school teachers will be able to operate the ICT tools and web sites and will be familiar with the internet facilities so that many updated science teaching concepts and materials will be available for them. Eventually their professionalism will be developed and quality education will be ensured. The aim of this project is to introduce, use and implement web based science resources in their classroom. 

2. Objectives : The specific objectives of the project are following. By ending of this project the teachers of secondary education will be able to

  • Upgrade the web-based skills of secondary science teachers.
  • Motivate science teachers to ICT.
  • Encourage secondary science teachers to teach their students with internet based science resources.
  • Remove lack of ICT knowledge of science teachers
  • Introduce web-based science teaching materials.
  • Integrate ICT in science teaching.     

3. Stakeholders : ·       

  • Teachers Training College, Rajshahi
  • Ministry of Education
  • District Education officer
  • Selected Teachers
  • Science Student of secondary institutions 

4. List of Activities :

  • Step one: Initial Planning (one week)
  • Step two: Tryout and finalizing the plan (one week)
  • Step three: Face to face study and Directed study (two weeks)
  • Step four: practical Training (two weeks)
  • Step five: Assessing, Evaluating and Reviewing (two weeks)

5. Expected result ; 

·        Demonstrate the use of internet technologies 

·        Navigate the internet and access to other web resources

·        Define, locate, select, organize, present and assess online learning environment

·        Integrating emerging technologies in teaching learning

·        Utilize presentation software’s and digital recourses to support instruction

·        Design and develop instructional materials

·        Integrate technological, pedagogical and content knowledge

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

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