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Title of the change project : Producing Video Tutorial in Science of Grade VI in Bangla language

Change agent : Biplob Mallick

Email : bm26ttc@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : Govt. Teachers' Training College, Dhaka

Country : Bangladesh

Started date : 01 November 2015

Status (finished/ongoing) :

1. Background of the project (problem):

Science is an important, inspiring and interesting subject to the students that makes students curious in new innovations. Elementary science education is necessary for all students irrespective of backgrounds, talents, interests and abilities because it offers students the ability to access a wealth of knowledge and information. It develops a strong ability to think critically and solve a problem. However, the students of science are unsurprisingly decreases in Bangladesh. Now only 22% and 17% students are in science group respectively in SSC and HSC. There are many reasons mostly traditional lecture method and lack of science teaching apparatus behind the falling of science group of students. There are many school have no science laboratory, absence of certain resources and insufficient of skilled science teachers. Therefore, the students memorize the science rather than enjoy and lose their interest. On the other hand a lot of online resources we can use deliberately to create students motivation towards science. This project can take as sample to help increasing science group of students and can continue if it success. In addition, the government of Bangladesh distributed in 23500 laptop, multimedia projector, internet modem and other accessories in similar number of schools. By using such accessories we may use video tutorial to make interest in science. This type of initiative can substitute and partially help students to understand learning science in absence of well-equipped laboratory and scarcity of skilled teacher in most of the schools in Bangladesh. Therefore, we can easily develop and use video tutorial to create enjoyable environment of learning science and can increase students of science.

2. Objectives :

The ultimate objectives of the change project are to enrich the number of students in science group with creating interest towards science. They will enjoy the science and be able to think critically about science.  However, the immediate objectives of the projects are as follows

a)     to develop video tutorial in Bangla language in the subject of science for grade VI;

b)     to make efficient the teachers capability in developing video tutorial

c)      to orient of using video tutorial for their science class;

3. Stakeholders :

The main target group of the change project is secondary school teachers those who received ICT materials from government and made multimedia classroom by self-interest in schools. However, the ultimate goal of change project is to increase the number of students through capturing their interest by using Bangla video tutorial in science replacing traditional lecture based instruction. 

4. List of Activities :

Firstly, I will make a panel of video tutorial development team with experienced and skilled science teachers on ICT those who are interested doing this type of work. Secondly, we will review the grade six science textbook accordingly new curriculum and find out experiment chapter to make video tutorial. Thirdly, the panel members will collect available relevant resources from YouTube. Otherwise we make video accordingly curriculum. We will translate into Bangla following the curriculum. Finally, we adopt it in multimedia content that is another current initiative from Government of Bangladesh.

5. Expected result ; 

At the end of project, a group of teachers will be skilled in developing video tutorial by using movie maker/adobe premiere software. They would produce sample video tutorial by using Bangla language as instruction for science textbook of grade VI. This type of initiative make science easer, interactive and engage students effectively whereas the teacher will empower in using video tutorial and make themselves confident in teaching science. Teacher and students will love science and get interest in science. Therefore, the students of science will be increased. 

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

Activities/Steps Action to be taken Person involved Time Frame Possible threats Expected Outcome
Preparation Phase (Develop Change Project) Discussion with college authority Principal of TTC, Dhaka and Biplob Mallick November’ 2015-

January, 2016

Create vision and plan Support team & Biplob Mallick Producing audio-visual training material
Selection of Objectives Biplob Mallick Identify clear objectives
Develop Change Project Biplob Mallick Finalized Change Project
Sweden Phase (produce sample audio visual tutorial) Presentation of Change Project Biplob Mallick and the participants January 2016 Revised change project
Participation in other proposed (according to schedule) activities Biplob Mallick Jan-Feb 2016 Skilled myself
Return to country Feb 2016
Intermediate Phase (Training for self-motivated science teachers) Make a support team for produce sample tutorial Biplob Mallick & TTC, Dhaka March 2016 Found motivated team member
Organize of training material (books, ICT Lab, related docs etc.) Biplob Mallick & TTC, Dhaka April 2016
Establish lab facilities Principal, TTC, Dhaka April 2016 Well organized training room
Disseminate idea for support team Biplob Mallick May 2016 Might be busy for training Support team will be familiarized about training
Arrange training for support team TTC, Dhaka and Biplob Mallick June 2016 Time limitations of support team, Interrupt by fall of electricity Support team will be trained
Support team produce sample tutorials Support team & Biplob Mallick (guide) July-August 2016 Produce Tutorial
Develop progress report Biplob Mallick & Support team Sep-Oct 2016 Produce progress report
Regional Phase Presentation of progress report Biplob Mallick October 2016 Getting feedback
Final Phase Try out content in classroom Support Team & Biplob Mallick Nov 2016-Feb 2017 Revised tutorial
Upload content in online platform Support Team & Biplob Mallick Monitor Teachers’ Online activities
Revised report Biplob Mallick Mar-Apr 2017 Submit final report

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