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Title of the change project : Afghansitan Tapesh Information Teachnology in Education

Change agent :Ahsan Ullah Tapesh

Email :ahsan.tapash1@gmail.com

Name of the organization : Tapesh Information Technology

Country :Afghanistan

Started date :1/15/2015

Status (finished/ongoing) :

1. Background of the project (problem):

2. Objectives :

•The Education offers distinctive academic programs that are intended to meet the needs of culturally diverse and educationally high caliber students.

3. Stakeholders :Self

4. List of Activities :

A. offer easily available student-centered services..

B. implement state-of-the-art practices, using learning-ICT Tools

C. Technology and the most modern learning resources.

5. Expected result ;

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

Last Updated :