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Title of the change project : Mobile ICT Training Unit 

Change Agent : Mberi J, Shenjere S

Email : johnmberi@yahoo.com and suecayler@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services (MICTPCS)( Central Computing Services(CCS))

Country : Zimbabwe

Started date : 01 September 2015

Status (finished/ongoing) :Ongoing

1. Background of the project (problem):

The Government has shown commitment to the adoption of ICTs for societal and economic transformation though various programmes like the Presidential e-Learning programme and the establishment of Community Information Centres countrywide. This pronounced subscription to the notion of computer literacy and digital inclusion is amplified in the country’s economic and social turnaround strategy, ZIM-ASSET, and thus demands appropriate strategies to catalyse ICT literacy and knowledge for the beneficial, appropriate and optimum use of these technologies.

In pursuit of the same agenda and the desire to improve service delivery in Government, the Ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services introduced ICT training for civil servants in 2010. Since its inception, the programme gained significant impact that resulted in increased popularity and interest from the targeted beneficiaries. However, the administration of this fundamental training programme has concentrated mainly on Harare Metropolitan province.

There are overwhelming requests for training from other provinces, some of which date back to 2012. There is a general feeling of neglect and marginalisation from those stationed in provinces other than Harare Metropolitan. This has created a serious gap which the Ministry intends to bridge by embarking on the Mobile ICT Training Unit initiative. This noble idea is envisaged to address e-inclusion issues and go an extra mile in capacitating the generality of Zimbabweans with highly demanded ICT skills for today’s digital society.

2. Objectives :

  • Mitigate the ICT literacy and digital gap between rural and urban communities by providing training to enhance computer skills and education in Zimbabwe;
  • Augment the Ministry’s limited training facility at Central Computing Services (maximum sitting capacity of 20 participants) by cascading the training programme to remote and disadvantaged communities thereby equitably increasing the ICT literacy rate in all regions of the country;
  • Promote the appropriate application and use of ICT productivity tools in Government to improve public service delivery and customer experience;
  • Enable citizens and business to utilise e-Government services (G2B, G2C, G2G) as well as confidently participate and interact in the global digital society;
  • Provide convenient and accessible ICT training facilities to communities to enable them to partake in IT related development issues as well as integrate ICTs in their day to day lives;
  • Enable maximum use of Community Information Centres and other ICT facility establishments across the country thereby providing affordable access to information;
  • Position the country to embrace the global ICT4D phenomenon by equipping citizens with requisite ICT coaching from grassroots level and aiding economic development through ICTs and
  • Promote the innovative use of ICTs to enable harnessing/exploitation of these technologies to contribute towards economic growth and improved quality of life.

3. Stakeholders :

4. List of Activities :

5. Expected result :  

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

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