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Title of the change project :Introducing ICTbased games/ entertainment for children with special needs

Change agent :Deborah Nakimuli Kigozi

Email :mirembenurserys@gmail .com

Name of the organisation :Mirembe Nursery School

Country :Uganda

Started date :01 september 2015

Status (finished/ongoing) :Ongoing

1. Background of the project (problem):

The curriculum for children in Uganda aged3-7years is both academic and co-curricular with the academic part; all children are handled almost in the same way though we give extra time in class work to those kids with special needs.Our concern however is on the co-curricular side where most children who are impaired are not catered for. This specifically goes to the physical education lessons. some children who have extreme impairments (movements) are left in class while others go out to participate this leaves the schools with no option expect counseling them.

2. Objectives :

  • To give those children an alternative by introducing ICT based games and entertainment.
  • To get an insight how Sweden handles such children with disabilities.
  • To also introduce the idea in other pre-schools in our divisions by involving the authorities and parents.

3. Stakeholders :

4. List of Activities :

5. Expected result ; 

  • To incorporate ICT to assist us in co-curricular activities 
  • To make children with special needs feel that they are also catered for  
  • In conclusion to give a holistic education to all children regardless or their physical and mental impairments. 

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

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