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Title of the change project : Training students on how to access ODL multimedia materials through eLearning

Change agent : Lilian Mutalemwa

Email : lilian.mutalemwa@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : The Open University of Tanzania (OUT)

Country : Tanzania

Started date : June 2015

Status (finished/ongoing) : Ongoing

Background of the project (problem): For Open and Distance Learning (ODL) to be successful, students must be knowledgeable with the current and up-to-date information and communication technologies (ICT) (Mnyanyi and Mbwette 2009). Students must also be skilled with the basic ICT skills to enable them to access the learning materials through eLearning. In spite of the big efforts by the OUT team to develop/customize and maintain Learning Management Systems (LMSs) such as Moodle, few challenges still exist. The challenges are; only a small percentage of students are aware and knowledgeable of the available LMS. Also a large number of students especially those located in rural areas do not have the necessary ICT knowledge and skills required for them to be able to identify the right types and specifications of electronic devices to use. These challenges lead to inefficient use of Moodle.

Objectives :

1.Create more student awareness about Moodle at OUT

2. Train students on how to choose the right type of devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets for accessing ODL multimedia materials on Moodle

3. Train students how to use Moodle to access and share learning materials, to create learning materials, to interact with others through discussions

Stakeholders : The Open University of Tanzania, ODL Students, Tutors

List of Activities :

1.      Analysis

-          Situational analysis

-          Need assessment

2.      Project idea

-          Fine tuning idea/ meet with IEMT director

3.      Sida ITP

-          Lectures on ICT tools

-          Workshops on ICT tools

4.      Feedback to OUT

-Meet with DIEMT

5.      Design of the training program

-          Identify trainers

-          Identify trainees

-          Identify locations

-          Design/acquire training tools

6.      Acquire funds

- Prepare budget and submit proposal

7.      Develop

-          Invite trainers

-          Development of training materials

-          Invite trainees

-          Create a FAQ about MOODLE

-          Create MOODLE support email

8.      Implementation

-          Travel to training locations

-          Meet trainees

-          Conduct training

9.      Evaluation

-          Design evaluation procedures

-          Decide on evaluation method

-          Perform evaluation

10.  Reporting

-          Prepare report

-          Submit report

Expected result ;  

1.      Increased number of students who are aware of Moodle and its benefits  

2. Increased number of students equipped with the necessary ICT skills for eLearning through Moodle  

3.      Increased number of students who use Moodle for interactive and collaborative learning

4.      From my participation in this SIDA change project, I expect to acquire more knowledge in the field of ICT and pedagogy  

Actual result  : Increased number of students who use Moodle for learning

The Project organisation :




Project coordinator



Project coordinator, supervisor

Lilian, Nfuka

Project idea

SIDA team, Project coordinator



Project coordinator


Feedback to OUT

Project coordinator, Supervisor, Donor

Lilian, Nfuka, OUT

Acquire funds


Lilian, Godfrey

Design of training program


Lilian, Godfrey

Develop materials


Lilian, Godfrey



Lilian, Godfrey


Project coordinator


Final report

Last Updated : 22 September 2015