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Title of the change project :Enhancing Teaching and Learning for Distance Learners through


Change agent :Genoveva Ntiluhoka Kituli and N’ana Daniel Mbunda

Email :ntiluhokav@yahoo.com

Name of the organisation :Upper Institute of Adult Education

Country :Tanzania

Started date :06/1/2015

Status (finished/ongoing) :Ongoing

1. Background of the project (problem):

The Institute of Adult Education (IAE) has been offering secondary education through distance since 1972. The main way by then was through postal services where Print materials were sent to students. In the later years, as per technological advancement, ICT took pace. The effective use of ICT offers more opportunities for learning and sharing information. The use of e-learning in learning is growing in many parts of the world. Currently, the use of various links, ICT tools and applications such as its learning, Wikipedia, blogs, to mention but a few are highly used not only as a means of accessing communication but also as a reliable source of knowledge. However, IAE has not engaged itself in the use of the learning platforms in delivering learning materials to distance learners. It is mainly done by Print medium and CDs. The use of Print media by IAE has led to failure to deliver learning materials to its learners on time due to high production cost. Besides, this has created a lot of challenges to girls who sometimes fail to attend in face- to- face sessions, hence they are discouraged and delay to accomplish their courses in time. The introduction of Wikipedia as a learning platform will help reducing cost to IAE and learners to freely access learning materials. Besides, girls will benefit by accessing materials flexibly.

2. Objectives :

•Increasing knowledge and skills on the potential benefit of ICT tools in teaching and learning •Providing girls with alternative way of accessing learning materials through Wikipedia. •Providing opportunity for teachers to grow professionally through the use ICT tools/learning platform

3. Stakeholders : •Teachers, •Distance Learner, •Parents/guardians, •Secondary schools learners (conventional)and •Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT)

4. List of Activities : Conducting needs Assessment •Needs analysis •Identifying change project •Concept note writing

To develop/prepare content •Review •Editing •Designing

Training •Train subject coordinators on Wikipedia as a learning platform •Train learners on how to access materials from Wikipedia •Uploading materials in Wikipedia •Try out

Implementation phase •Monitoring

Evaluation •Preparation of evaluation tools •Conducting evaluation •Preparation of evaluation final report

5. Expected results ; •Increased usage of ICT in teaching and learning •Increased girls participation in learning hence complete courses in time •Varied ways of delivering materials to learners

6.  Actual result  :Ongoing

7. The Project organisation : •Head of department-this is responsible as he is the head of department in which the project will be carried out. •Project coordinators: these are responsible in managing day to day activities so as to ensure successful implementation of the project. •Subject coordinators: These are all academic staff within the department. Their role is to ensure that the content is relevant and corresponds to the syllabi. They will also upload the materials to Wikipedia. •Editor: This is responsible in editing the content in terms of language. •Designer: This will be responsible for setting and formatting the developed materials •ICT expert: This will be responsible for training on how to prepare digital content as well as uploading the materials

Last Updated :09/22/2015