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Title of the change project : Use of Web Quest and Map games in Social Science classes

Change agent : Selina

Email : Selina Banu@yahoo.com

Name of the organisation : institute of Education and Research (IER)

Country :Bangladesh

Started date :

Status (finished/ongoing) : planning stage

1. Background of the project (problem): Students learn best when they construct the knowledge. According to Sunal and Haas (2002), Web Quests are problem-solving activities for students that incorporate the Internet, computer-based materials, and other available resources. Web Quests (WQ) also have the ability to integrate on-line resources with student-centered, activity-based learning. In social science, Web Quests provide the opportunity for students to actively engage in learning by connecting their interests with various content areas. According to Lipscomb(2003), this activity is “gaining popularity with teachers and students for its ability to interact with on-line resources” and connect it to writing activities (p.152). From its inception in 1995 by Bernie Dodge and Tom March, San Diego State University, Web Quests (WQ) have become an effective method of incorporating technology with educational concepts.

2. Objectives : By using WQ teacher will be able to create student-centered environment in social science classes

•      Teacher can combine technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge in their social science classes

•       With the help of web quest student will be able to: Learn with enjoyment; Solve their problems themselves; analyze the social science problems.

3. Stakeholders : ·Students of grade 6 and 7 of junior secondary school in Bangladesh.

–    In this grades History, geography, economics, political science and sociology are treated as an one integrated subject, that is Bangladesh and Global studies

–    It is compulsory for all students

–    They do not have any public exam in that grade

•     SocialScience Teachers 

4. List of Activities : Activities:

·        The project will be conducted in social science classes VI to VII in laboratory school or in one urban school in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

·        Meet and train the subject teachers to acquaint with WQ and map-games as an ICT use in social science classes.

·       Classes will be initially conducted by  four students of BEd level (6th semester) of institute of Education and Research (IER) who have completed teaching social science course and  trained on  use of WQ and map-games in the classroom activities using ICT with pedagogy based on national curriculum. This activity will be replicated by the subject teachers.

·  Prepare an observation check list. Subject teacher and I will observe the classes. Talk to the students, give feedback to the teachers and evaluate the teaching learning activities.

5. Expected result ; 

6.  Actual result  :

7. The Project organisation :

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