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Title of the change project : ICT Based Teaching – Learning Practices at College level Education in Bangladesh through Digital Content Development 

Change agent : Dr. Lokman Hossain and A K M Shah Alam

Email : drlokmanhossain@yahoo.com and alamnaem@gmail.com

Name of the organisation : Dhaka

Country : Bangladesh

Started date :

Status (finished/ongoing) :

1. Background of the project (problem):

2. Objectives : In a developing country like Bangladesh, education especially college level education must be the mainstay for attaining knowledgeable human resource, which would ultimately be the engine of national upliftment. Effective socially oriented and need-based education should be given at college level. In Bangladesh, owing to its far-reaching in flounce in future life, college education is playing a very important role in student’s total endeavour. The students who are studying in college level institutions without helpful assistance may be dropout, which results in massive decrease in ICT and technology-based manpower. It may be considered as wastage in education that will hamper the ultimate success of our planning. The fundamental role of a teacher is to facilitate learning and to create an autonomous learner–one who can continue to learn by himself/herself, especially with the assistance of ICTs. However, there is a definite deficit in knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to use ICT as an effective teaching-learning tool.

It is quintessential to create learner friendly environment by adopting ICT and Pedagogical development, curriculum and ensuring their efficient use in the classroom and provision of instructional materials as some of the priorities for college education. ICT provides a unique opportunity in addressing them and other challenges faced by students by making teaching- learning interesting and enterprising. NAEM and Dhaka College have been working for several years with the GoB in appropriate use of ICTs, an effective initiative as change project, in education system in Bangladesh. So, the teachers must realize to be realized that if it would be able to conduct multimedia based sessions in colleges a learning friendly environment would be ensured in the education arena. 

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7. The Project organisation :

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