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Will be updated on 10th February 2015 in a training program by the participants

Change agent


Name of the organization; University of Rwanda-College of Education

Title of the change project : Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning the role of International Community in

1994 Genocide Perpetrated against Tutsi in Rwanda.

Country: Rwanda

Started date: 27-01-2015

Status (finished/ongoing); on going

Last Updated on: 6-2-2015

1. Background

2. Objectives:

v Obtain information about the role of International Community by using tools like CD ROOM, internet, virtual library to supplement and write presentations

Organize and interpret information using graphs, charts, maps, political cartoons, pictures, etc

Identify the causes and effects of an important historical fact using suitable ICT tools


4. The Scope of the project

5. Activities

6. Expected or final result

7. The Project organization