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Will be updated on 10th February 2015 in a training program by the participants

Change agent: Ravy Hun

Email: hun_ravy_mail@yahoo.com

Name of the organization: Battambang Regional Teacher Training Center

Title of the change project: Well-Equipped Classroom to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Learning at Battambang RTTC

Country: Cambodia

Started date: 01-March-2015

Status (ongoing)

Last Updated on: 15-October-2015

1. Background

  Battambang Regional Teacher Training Center (RTTC) is located in Battambang province, in the west of Cambodia with a total number of teacher trainees of 550 and 42 teacher trainers. Our teacher trainees are from six different provinces such as Battambang, Pailin, Pursat, Banteay Meanchey, Odor Meanchey, and Siem Reap. Our mission is to train the trainees to be qualified lower secondary school teachers for the regions. The trainee teachers have to spend two years at the RTTC to study their majors as well as teaching methodology, and computer. Our RTTC has a few LCD projectors and laptops for teacher trainers to use during their lessons.
  Most of the trainers do not see the advantages of ICT in teaching. They think that ICT is not important, complicated, and they lack of confidence to use the ICT equipments. Our colleagues have been trained to use ICT but they lack of motivation to integrate ICT in their lessons. Planning the lesson with ICT is consuming time. If teacher trainers want to use ICT equipments such as laptop, LCD projector, speaker, power extension, they have to sign for permission, carry them to each classroom and set up them by themselves and it usually take time. Another problem is that the electricity is unreliable. It sometimes cuts off during session, so we fail to reach the objectives of the lesson of the day.  

2. Objectives

  Upon our return from ICT and Pedagogical Development in Sweden, we are planning to implement the method, activities, ideas that we have learned from the program in our lessons.  We also would like to set up an equipped classroom (a ready-to-use room) with modern ICT equipments like a computer, an internet connection, an LCD projector, a TV, speakers, in order to encourage teacher trainers of all subjects to integrate ICT in their everyday lessons to improve teaching or studying.

3. Stakeholders

  RTTC director, Mr. Hun Ravy and Ms. Chea Phanet, all teacher trainers, all teacher trainees.

4. The Scope of the project

  This project will be implemented at Battambang Regional Teacher Training Center from Mach 2015 to October 2016. 

5. Activities

  - Meet with the director to discuss about the change project
  - Introduce the program to colleagues 
  - Survey teacher trainers about knowledge of ICT
  - Cleaning up the room
  - Set up electrical equipment
  - Orientation and training for the teacher trainers
  - Keep follow up

6. Expected or final result

  Teacher trainers will be able to use the ICT equipment such as computer, LCD projector, and sound system etc. to support their teaching and doing the Internet research to enrich their teaching resources.

7. The Project organization

  This project is run by co-project coordinator and supported by school director.