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Will be updated on 10th February 2015 in a training program by the participants

Change agent: Sanary Kaing

Email: sanary.kaing@gmail.com/ sanary.kaing@gmail.com

Name of the organization: OneWorld UK

Title of the change project: Promoting Upper Secondary Teachers especially Female Teachers in ICT For Education.

Country: Cambodia

Started date: March2015-March2016

Status (finished/ongoing): Ongoing

Last Updated on: 16 October 2015

1. Background:

Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) in Cambodia, especially the department of ICT has been in best collaboration and partnership with local and international educational organizations, donor agencies and mobile and internet private companies to promote the use of ICT in school both with both tangible infrastructures and content development and building the teacher’s capacity in basic IT skills especially Open Office-Khmer Unicode. Learning about Living Cambodia, called ‘Smart Youth Good Future’ project is an ICT-enabled solution to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights amongst young people in Cambodia. Its overarching goal is to harness the potential of various technologies to increase young people’s access to information about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and thereby promote positive changes in youth’s knowledge especially in regards to gender issues, attitudes and behaviors in that will ultimately spur a reduction in gender violence, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions and maternal mortality. From July 2013 to March 2016, OneWorld UK in partnership with School Health Department of Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and RHAC developing and implementing an innovative programme using information and communication technology (ICT) to promote Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among young people in schools and out of school Cambodia. Working as an ICT in Education and Public Health project officer based in Cambodia, I have encountered some challenges when we have introduced the online and offline Elearning platform on Life Skills- Sexual Reproductive Health to the teachers in 5 provinces ( Battambang, Pusat, Kompong Chhnang, Sihanouville, and Koh Kong) and Phnom Penh in Cambodia such as : • About 75% of upper secondary teachers, especially female teachers except IT teachers are having low capacities in using the computers, never own or check the personal email, browse the internet except using Facebook via mobile phone to access to the political social economic news. • About 80% of the teachers, especially female teachers are not able to type Khmer Unicode (Open Office), not aware of the good and useful local websites related to Education such as website of moeys and krou webportal. • Female teachers have rare opportunities to improve their knowledge, IT skills because of the gender norm, culture and the overwork load in school and at home.

2. Objectives:

• The basic computer skills, internet skills and the knowledge of online/offline Life Skills on Sexual Reproductive Health of the upper secondary teachers, especially the female teachers will be well equipped and the teachers will be able to use the computer, internet, email and facebook for Educational work. • The upper secondary teachers will be able communicate, access and share the information about their teaching assignments and teaching materials to their colleagues through facebook and email.

3. Stakeholders :

30 Upper High School Teachers (50% of Female teachers) in 2 schools in Phnom Penh will be trained.

4. The Scope of the project :

2 schools in Phnom Penh 

5. Activities :

Activity 1: Conducting 2 trainings (A full day training) about the basic computer skills, Khmer Unicode Typing ( Open Office), Web browsers, google drive and engine search, email and facebook, useful local educational website of MoEYS and Krou with the introduction of Online/ Offline Elearning Platform usage on Life Skills-Sexual Reproductive Health to 30 upper secondary teachers in 2 schools in Phnom Penh. 15 teachers in each school will be trained for one day training.

Activity2: Randomly follow up with the teachers.

Activity 3: Creating group facebook page and mailing list called ICT4ECambodia for the upper secondary teachers to communicate, share the resources and hot news related to educational policies, ICT, teaching subjects, teaching guidelines and so on.

6. Expected or final result :

Expectation Result1: 30 Upper Secondary Teachers (50% of female teachers) in 2 schools will equip themselves with the new skills, and general knowledge and information such as basic IT, internet, email, Khmer Unicode typing, the Online and Offline ELearning platform on Life Skills. The female teachers teaching performance will be improved better.

Expectation Result2: The teachers’ new teaching methodologies with ICT will be changed and improved. The students will enjoy in new way of learning with new technology.

Expectation Result3: Group Facebook page and mailing list called ICT4ECambodia will be set up and the teachers, will gain the benefits from the page as well as contribute the resources into the group.

7. The Project organization :

One Project Coordinator to oversight, to implement the project activities and to write the report. One Volunteer to assist the project coordinator to implement the project activities.