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Will be updated on 10th February 2015 in a training program by the participants

Change agent: Bikarna Kumar Ghosh; Sharmin Nasima Banu

Email : bikarnag@gmail.com, sharmin.nasima@yahoo.com

ICT Division, Ministry of Posts, Telecom and IT, Government of Bangladesh. Directorate of Primary Education. Govt. of Bangladesh


February 06, 2015

February 06, 2015

1. Background: Third Primary Education Development Program (PEDP3) (2011 – 2016) is a very learge program in DPE, and its objectives to ensure quality education for all primary

    school-age children of the country.  
         To ensure quality education for all primary
                         school-age children of the country.  
              To Implement  ICT-based classroom activities. 
              To Move the education system rapidly into the digital age. 
              To provide a multi-media classroom in one model school in
                         each Upazila (Sub-district) 
              To provide every primary school access to new 
                          technology for learning. EIA (English in Action)

2. Objectives : Introducing ICT in teachers’ training/orientation and classroom teaching

2. Enhancing teachers’ ability to teach/communicative in English to their students through using ICT tools.

3. Introducing electronic communication system among teachers using emails, online chats and mobile SMS.

4. Increasing students’ proficiency in communicative English.

3. Stakeholders : School level: Students, class teachers (English) and head teachers Upazila Level: Upazila Education Officer, Assistant Upazila Education Officer, Upazila Resource Centre Instructor and Assistant Upazila Resource Centre Instructor. District Level: District Primary Education Officer and Primary Training Institute Superintendent National Level: Director General (DPE), all directors, supervisor (change project), and Divisional Deputy Directors of the EIA project

4. The Scope of the project : 3-5 schools under EIA coverage (piloting). SIM, Memory card and Speaker will be provided to teachers Teachers Training (One day orientation) on :

• ICT based classroom teaching through mobile phone.
• ICT based communication among  teachers
• Students starts communicating others with English during English class


Regular practicing use of ICT in class-room activities. Successful pilot project will be implemented in other on-going projects.

5. Activities : 1. 5 schools for the Change Project Selected by March 2015; a. PWD residential area Primary School b. National Primary School c. Sher e Bangla Nagar East Primary School d. Sher e Bangla Nagar West Primary School e. Paik Para Primary School.

2. Interaction with School Management Committees by April 2015. 3. Data from the selected schools regarding English teachers, head teacher, number of students, their attendance in school, socio-economic conditions, ability to speak in English collected by April 2015; 4. ICT tools (SIM card, memory card, mobile phone, picture and loud speaker) procured by May 2015; 5. 02 English teachers, all head teachers of 05 schools (15 in total) trained May 2015; 6. ICT tools, printed materials and teachers guide for English text book among teachers distributed by May 2015; 7. English teachers teaching students to communicate in English started by June 2015. 8. Head teachers as core supervisor for watching teachers and students activities established by June 2015. 9. All activities in schools supervised by Education Officers and Change Project Managers by June 2015. 10. Students communicating in English among themselves during English class started by July 2015. 11. Video clips on the change project made by September 2015.

6. Expected or final result : Improved quality of teaching/learning environment at classroom. Increased teachers practice to use ICT tools in teaching/ learning process. Enhanced teacher`s skill to use ICT tools at classroom.

7. The Project organization : The change project is planned and under the phase of implementation by the two agents as mentioned above. Apart from those 05 headteachers, 10 English teachers are also working in this project. Finishing the change project to its desired goal, hopefully be implemented in a larger scale by the Directorate of Primary Education, Govt. of bangladesh