ICT in Education/Change Projects/2014B Uganda Empowering Teacher Training

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  • Project Title: Empowering Teacher Trainees At Kaliro National Teachers College in integration of ICTs in the teaching and learning of poetry.
  • Change agent (name): Nellie Florence Okullo
  • Organization: Ministry of Education and Sports
  • Problem: the use of ICT in teaching and learning plays a great role in assisting teachers in content delivery, hence improving student participation.The use of ICTs in lesson delivery is influenced by the teachers’ content knowledge and its relationship to ICT. The ICTacher’s own pedagogical beliefs and values play an important role in the shaping of technology-mediated learning opportunities especially when they (teachers) use ICTs as a ‘partner’ to change the way they interact with their students during the teaching and learning process. In order to successfully facilitate this process teachers need to have an extensive knowledge of ICT which will enable them select the most appropriate resources and also appropriately locate where the technology would best be utilized in an interactive subject matter delivery. Teachers may need to develop new pedagogies in order to understand how to incorporate the use of ICT into their lessons.
  • All the Government secondary schools in Kampala are characterized by massive enrolment due to the introduction of the Universal Secondary Education. This in turn has resulted into in adequate number of text books despite the Government’s effort to have ‘one text book in the hand of each child’, insufficient teaching learning materials ill stocked libraries. The student –teacher ratio is 1:100 instead of the recommended 1:50. These large classes pose a challenge to the teachers who are over loaded because many schools are generally understaffed. These challenges and limitations pose a big threat to the provision service delivery in the schools. It is in this regard that there is need to empower teachers with the potentials of ICT, knowledge and skills in the integration of ICTs in the teaching and learning process in order to address the challenges stated above.