ICT in Education/Change Projects/2014B Tanzania Intregation of ICT

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  • Project Title:Integration of ICT Knowledge and Skills in Teaching and Learning at Dodoma Secondary School, In Dodoma - Tanzania
  • Change agent):GRACE JOHN SHILLY
  • Organization: DODOMA SEC. SCHOOL
  • Problem: The school is still using the old mode of teaching using a chalkboard and old material in the process of teaching and learning.Since the organization is a science and ICT center it has to live upto the center is stated.
  • Aim (max 80 words)⎫ To support the Government’s National ICT Program by monitoring proper, sustainability ,transparence and accountability in integration of ICT program in Dodoma secondary Capacity building in training and mobilization of teachers in ICT awareness program not to teachers but also students in ICS information and computer studies
  • Approach/methods: (training teacher )hands on various tool in ICT PEDAGOGICAL. This to enable teachers to explore Technology Results: ⎫
  • Conclusions and lessons learned:
  • Suggestions for the future (max 100 words)Key words: