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  • Project Title: Design and development of e-content to teach ICS in secondary schools, a case study of secondary schools in Dodomaregion.
  • Change agent: LEYLA HAMIS LIANA-user:Leyliam
  • Organisation: University of Dodoma
  • Problem Statement:
  • In 2004, the Government launched Phase I of the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP I: 2004-2009) and Phase II (SEDP II: 2010-2014). As a result, a notable increase in the number of primary and secondary schools was seen. The number of secondary schools increased from 1,291(2002) to 4,266 (2010) with secondary school enrollment increasing from 328,318 (2002) to 1,638,699 (2010). This rapid expansion of secondary schools and a sharp increase in secondary enrollment did not allow a sufficient time for an equivalent teachers training and as a result Tanzania now faces a shortfall of qualified teachers, educational equipments (books, well equipped laboratories, etc) and teaching technology. The use of ICT in teaching and learning is an inevitable component in the process of improving the quality of our education system. Efforts to introduce and integrate ICT subjects in the secondary education done by MoEVT in 2005 of introducing Information and Computer Science (ICS) for forms 1 to 4 and Computer Science ad ICT subjects for forms 5 and 6 in 2009 suffered a lack of experienced personnel in the field, as a result the subjects have not been adopted by many schools, and till now the subjects are still taught on option basis. The ICS subject is now taught by very few government schools
  • Aims:
  • -To develop course contents for the given ICS syllabus including preparations of slides for the course contents and capturing audio and video clips relevant to the course outline.
  • -To combine the slides, audio and video clips into an interactive and engaging digital content using necessary authoring tools.
  • -To deliver the e-content to Secondary Schools in Dodoma Region and finally to help all other Secondary Schools in Tanzania to integrate ICT in teaching and learning.