ICT in Education/Change Projects/2014B Rwanda Building Computer Labs

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  • Project title:
  • Building computer Labs in 5 big 12 YBE schools in Gasabo district in Rwanda.
  • Change agent(name):Gerard Muziganyi
  • Background
  • Currently, ICT in Rwanda is used as a hub for development in various domains as in public and private sector, to speed up the level of service delivery to different stakeholders and particularly to the citizens whose need quick access to the economic development. This also applied in education system where learning process need some improvement for methodological plans for education development in terms of knowledge and skills. In this regards, this project intends to build the computer labs in 5 selected 12 YBE in Gasabo district.
  • Problem
  • Basically, ICT knowledge is the prior critical factor that needed to think in case a change is needed within education system in Rwanda in general and particularly in 12 years basic education in Gasabo district as it is the focus of this change project. So, ICT Literacy is the main issue that faced by the 12 YBE schools in Gasabo District.
  • Approach/Methodology
  • The methodology that will be used to enhance the ICT knowledge in 12 YBE will focus on ICT training rooms which should be installed in those 5 schools. With this, the teachers and students have to use those ICT training centers to increase their knowledge with the support of ICT teachers from those schools.
  • Results
  • The results of this change project are focusing on increasing of the ICT knowledge & skills for teachers and students and the installation of ICT training centers as well.
  • Conclusions and lessons learned (max 200 words)
  • After the completion of this project, students and teachers will increase their knowledge in ICT which will lead to extend the project in other remaining schools in Gasabo district.
  • Stakeholders:
  • The stakeholders in this project will be: - Gasabo district, - Schools, - Teachers - Students