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Project Title:Improving Teaching-Learning practices in Business Studies using ICT.

Change agent (name):Tasnifa Khanam

Organization: Viqarunnisa Noon School & College


Aim : Restructuring the classroom environment & redesigning the learning tools in Business Studies class by the implementation of ICT & pedagogy.

Approach/methods: • Organize Workshop for the teachers and students of business Studies to build awareness on ICT and Pedagogy integration in classroom. • Conduct In House training on digital content development. • Introduce ICTs in Business Studies classes. • Develop the digital content with the participation of students. • Assignment/group work/project to the student in the class or at home which have to be done using technology. • Online learning, peer learning, subject based software, apps, Dropbox facilities etc. will be practiced for better learning. • Accounting and Finance related mathematical formula and format presented by ICT. • Encourage the authority for using latest technology in the classroom. • Find out the impacts of the change project and prepare a report

Results: • Integration of ICTs on Business Studies will be established. • Students’ higher order of thinking level will be increased. • Learning outcome will be more effective. • Every student can be able to use technology. • Uses of Digital Content on Business Studies will be increased. • Students can assess themselves effortlessly and without much stress

Conclusions and lessons learned : Ultimately, the project will play a vital role to improve the teaching learning quality and efficiency in Business Studies classes by integrating ICT and Pedagogical knowledge. It will also help the learners to expedite their talents to explore the 21st century skills. Moreover, it will provide the opportunities for students to learn in a participatory and enjoyable learning environment by using cost-effective use of ICTs. It will help to contribute to make changes not only in my school but also all over the education sector of our country if it is successfully replicated to other institutions.

Stakeholders:Teachers. Students, Guardians, Authority

Beneficiaries:Students, Teachers, Organization, Nation

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