ICD-10 Coding/Diseases of the Eye and Adnexa

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This lesson introduces ICD-10-CM Diseases of the Eye and Adnexa.

Objectives and Skills[edit]

Objectives and skills for this lesson include:

  1. Correctly apply ICD-10-CM coding guidelines for eye and adnexa
  2. Identify and code glaucoma stages
  3. Identify structure and various types of eye disorders including retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataract


Start Here:[edit]

https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/Downloads/2019-ICD10-Coding-Guidelines-.pdf (Chapter specific guidelines can be found on pages 45 - 46 of this document)[edit]

Part 1: Diagnoses[edit]

CG.1.C.7a Glaucoma[edit]
CG.1C.7b Blindness[edit]

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Lesson Summary[edit]

Key Terms[edit]

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