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The Humane Quality is a component part of the Human Psyche (the Soul) that gives us a platform for Virtue. It can be thought of as a social singularity shared within a context of Mercy. The Collective Theology that has distilled itself into a colloidal constant provides a definition of both Quality, in terms of the Human Condition, and Quantity, in terms of the member_count for the Household of Faith. (Faith: the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen)

Perspectives[edit | edit source]

From a Theological perspective, topics dealing with Humane aspects of Humanity, give us reason to ponder that which is Beyond Reason or out-of-scope for those who adhere to strict logical guidelines. Kicking a dog, for example is considered a cruel and inhuman act. (exhibiting an in-humane quality). Mistreating a slave (though presumably, none exist today, at least in the so-called Free World]) is an even greater form of Malfeasance. For most qualified humans, such an act is imponderable, reprehensible, Beyond Logic and essentially an aspect of Defying Reason.

Defying Reason[edit | edit source]

Computer systems that do not accommodate the Humane Quality are in violation of a simple, time-honored rule:

  • That which serves is not greater than that which it serves.

Topic:User Interfaces Topic:User Interfaces that are too cryptic for normal users are not worthy to be called User Interfaces. Even from an Atheistic point-of-view, Kicking a dog or mistreating a slave, as a matter-of-logic, is generally construed as a misdeed that could lead to an Ethical Dilimma.

In terms of a study of the Humanities, and are the only ways of bringing to light, the problems manifest when a few "bad apples" concede to failure to exhibit the Humane Quality in their daily activities, online and off. This essay is presented as an appeal to all.