Human vision and function/Part 3: Vision in real life: case studies/3.5 Marion Sinclair

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Marion Sinclair


  • are the orthoptist working at a rural Victorian hospital
  • are employed in an ophthalmology clinic
  • both you and the ophthalmologist travel to this clinic once a month and stay for 1 week


  • Marion Sinclair is a 72 year old
  • She has been referred for ophthalmic review by her optometrist
  • She is Nick's grandmother, Sam's wife, Joe's mother-in-law and Mary's mother
Marion Sinclair referral letter
Marion Sinclair Amsler grid results

Task 1

[edit | edit source]

Carefully read Marion's referral letter and look at her Amsler grid results. If you've never seen an Amsler grid before, you can find out more here.

Make a note of any concepts you don't understand and discuss these with your group.

Task 2

[edit | edit source]

Working with your group, answer the following questions. Of course, find your own resources, but you can start by referring to the Macular Disease Foundation website.

  1. What is ARMD?
  2. What are the mechanisms for it’s cause?
  3. Briefly describe the types of ARMD.
  4. Are there risk factors for this condition?
  5. What are common symptoms?
  6. How will tests help to diagnose the condition?
  7. Are there treatments? If so, what are they?
  8. What are the prevalence rates and projected numbers of affected people by 2020?