Human vision and function/Part 1: How the eye works

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Part 1: How the eye works[edit | edit source]

Schematic diagram of the human eye

"How the eye works" will introduce you to the underpinning concepts related to human vision. It is divided into 4 topics to help you understand what light is, why it's important to the visual system and how it stimulates vision and anatomy of the eye and visual pathway.

This topic addresses Learning Outcome 1 (Explain how the normal eye and brain enable perception of objects).

Each topic contains: (i) a short written introduction to the topic (ii) a Youtube lecture playlist (iii) supplementary reading and (iv) revision questions.

You should work through all the topics in Part 1 in weeks 1-3 of semester, taking approximately 9-12 hours to complete this section.

Watch the short introductory lectorial about this topic.

1.1 What is light?

1.2 Anatomy of the eye

1.3 Light stimulus and the eye

1.4 Anatomy of the visual pathway