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Click image of pdf to download a printable testbank for classroom use. This mirror permits convenient online veiwing of the pdf file.

Pdf icon.png File:Quizbankdatabase htw Turing machine.pdf

If you are a classroom instructor, please click here.

I need to know if anyone is using these quizzes in a classroom.

  1. If you are familiar with Wikiversity/Wikipedia, leave a message on my Wikiversity talk page at User_talk:Guy_vandegrift.
  2. Send an email to You are welcome to Google my name (Guy Vandegrift) and "Wright State" to verify that I am not trying to sell anything or use your email address for any other purpose. I am just a college professor trying to be useful.
For more information on this effort to establish an open source exam bank, see Quizbank
Quizbankdatabase htw Turing machine.pdf