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Computer Aided Design[edit | edit source]

CAD systems are 2 dimensional, much like traditional drafting, or 3 dimensional modelling systems. With 3D, there are 2 approaches: parametric, in that work is started as a 2D sketch that is "defined" and then processed into 3D forms, or direct modelling, where 3D objects are manipulated. There is some convergence and the lines between these 2 approaches, and even between 2D and 3D, are getting blurry.

Home Shop Machinists use CAD to:[edit | edit source]

  • Make shop drawings to work from.
  • Model 3D objects to check for fit and function.
  • Generate code to run CNC machines.
  • As well, running structural analysis on designs is becoming possible.

Common Applications[edit | edit source]

Free for Hobby Use[edit | edit source]
  • Fusion 360 - From Autodesk, parametric 3D modelling system. Requires online account but does allow some offline editing.
  • OnShape - Fully web browser based parametric 3D modelling system. Free but models must be public domain.
  • SketchUp - From Trimble (bought from Google). Very easy to use 3D modelling system. Intuitive inference engine.
Also Popular[edit | edit source]
Expensive but Industry Standard[edit | edit source]