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HGAPS ALERT: Help for Suicidal Ideation
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It is understandable to feel hopeless right now. Below are some important resources you can use to improve mental health and find relief. If you are having thoughts of suicide please seek help. Please know you are not alone. There is help.
Link to Suicide Resources:

~ National suicide hotline 24/7: 1-800-273-8255 ~ Crisis Textline 24/7: Text HOME to 741741 ~
~ Coping With Suicidal Thoughts ~ Suicide Prevention in Schools ~

Not suicidal but still want help? Click on a link below!
~ Coping with COVID-19 ~ Coping with Social Isolation ~ Finding a Therapist ~ Other Resources ~
[Master List of Mental Health Resources]
~ More at ~

Joining HGAPS in High School[edit | edit source]

High School Student involvement in HGAPS involves a learning curve in using various tools and work responsibility. Lack of knowledge about psychological science shouldn't prevent involvement in HGAPS. A large part of the work is focused on using pre-existing sources and finding ways to spread that information. Joining HGAPS can allow you to learn more about the field of psychology and about Wikipedia.

Preliminary Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the HGAPS Wikiversity page to find the mission statement, current projects, and other information about HGAPS
  2. Create a Wikipedia account and complete Wiki training
    1. This training course will introduce basic editing skills
      1. You will earn badges as you complete the course, showing which skills you have practiced, and they will show up on your user page
    2. It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with other common Wiki functions, such as uploading pictures to WikiMedia Commons, inserting pictures/tables into pages, and working with user boxes.
    3. It is suggested you look over the other SOPs and learn more about our organization on our wikiversity page and on our website
  1. Also under the HGAPS Wikiversity page is the section “Tools we Use”. It will be useful to create accounts/familiarize yourself with these tools
    1. Some of the most used are Wikipedia, OSF, Zotero, Google Suite, Canva and Slack (a messaging app)

Create a User Page[edit | edit source]

  • User boxes can be added to your Wikipedia profile page to show association with a certain group (in this case, HGAPS)
  • Go to your personal Wikipedia Profile page, and then to ‘Edit Source’
  • Copy and paste the code “{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Psychology/Userbox}}”
    • This will create a userbox to show affiliation with WikiProject Psychology
  • To add additional userboxes, copy and paste the respective code onto your profile page
  • Add other relevant information for example other userboxes, wiki badges, etc.
    • If you want to self-disclose, you can

Meetings[edit | edit source]

  1. Due to COVID-19, HGAPS has been hosting weekly Zoom meetings every Thursday from 6-8pm
  2. These meetings usually consist of a group discussion, then split into breakout rooms to focus on specific projects
  3. Before each meeting, RSVP on the spreadsheet that will be provided through email earlier in the week
    1. RSVP even if you can’t attend the meeting
    2. Indicate which project you will be working on to help create breakout rooms before the meeting
  4. In addition, your project may require additional meetings throughout the week. These will also be hosted through Zoom, and are usually work sessions for group progress on a task

Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

  1. You should be assigned on a specific project and have tasks to work on during and after the meeting
    1. If any questions arise during the week, you can email the water carrier for your project

If you are still interested and have completed all tasks, you are ready