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Joining the Wikipedia community with HGAPS[edit | edit source]

Getting set up[edit | edit source]

Go to

  • Click “English”
  • Create an account by pressing “create account” at the top
  • Use a username that is familiar to you and by which others may recognize you
  • Sign up as a student, not an instructor

Repeat this step on Wikipedia using the same username

  • Creating a user bio
  • Go to Wikipedia
  • Click English
  • Click your username in the middle of the top bar

You can create your “About me” section modeling it off of these examples:

Follow this link to connect to our dashboard

Doing Wikipedia trainings[edit | edit source]

  • Wikipedia trainings can be helpful in developing basic skills and orienting you to the Wiki space and format. This program will help you make your first edits
  • You can find a link to a Wikipedia training on the dashboard page mentioned in step three

Wiki Etiquette[edit | edit source]

Adding yourself to the Wikimedia user group[edit | edit source]

  • Add the following code at the bottom of the list of members, replacing USERNAME with your own username

Get some practice[edit | edit source]

  • Sometimes pages will block your edits if you have yet to reach 10 total edits
  • So, you should make some small edits to get your account confirmed
  • Be on the lookout for formats you’d like to try- the easiest way to use a new technique is to just copy/paste code from one page to yours and repurpose it
    • Some skill guides on Wiki are linked here

Account Management[edit | edit source]

  • Check for notifications on your account
    • messages from others users
    • messages from wikipedia editors
    • messages of removal or inquiry
  • Check you have edit and created by putting them on your watchlist
    • you will get updates of major edits
  • Stay up to date on trainings and community standards
Go forth and edit![edit | edit source]