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Adding Measures in OSF[edit | edit source]

Adding a measure[edit | edit source]

  • Create a component in the Assessment Center project
  • The name should be the full name of the measure, as described by the anchor publication, followed by an abbreviation in parentheses, if applicable
    • e.g., "Parent General Behavioral Inventory: Depression 10 Item Form A (PGBI 10M A)"
    • e.g., "KINDL"
    • e.g., "7-Up 7-Down"
  • Add tags
    • For the measure itself
    • For each language we have translations for
    • For each informant we have translations for
  • Update the measure index

Adding a language to a measure[edit | edit source]

  • Create a component within the measure component
  • Name the component "[language] [informant]" plus any other identifiers that distinguish it from other versions of the measure
  • Add a brief description to the component
    • e.g. "[language] translation of the [measure]"
  • Set the component category to "Methods and Measures
  • Add relevant contributors

The easy way is just to clone the contributors from the parent project, but we might want to get more specific in the future

  • At the very least: include project leaders as admin
  • Add tags to the component for:
    • Measure, Language, Informant, and all translation statuses represented in the files
    • Make sure to use the tags that are standard across all our projects
  • Update the component wiki with any relevant metadata, including:
    • Translation status

Trello cards sometimes have information about forward and backwards translations

  • Copy this in bulleted list format (see other languages for an example)
  • Upload the files from Trello to OSF Storage
    • You can simply drag them from your computer to OSF Storage and it will bulk-upload them
  • Add tags to each of the files you just uploaded
    • Include all the tags from the parent component (Measure, Language, and Informant)
    • Add tag for translation status
    • Use a letter code if applicable, else the entire label
    • Update the measure index if necessary