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It is understandable to feel hopeless right now. Below are some important resources you can use to improve mental health and find relief. If you are having thoughts of suicide please seek help. Please know you are not alone. There is help.
Link to Suicide Resources:

~ National suicide hotline 24/7: 1-800-273-8255 ~ Crisis Textline 24/7: Text HOME to 741741 ~
~ Coping With Suicidal Thoughts ~ Suicide Prevention in Schools ~

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Adding Measures in OSF[edit | edit source]

Adding a measure[edit | edit source]

  • Create a component in the Assessment Center project
  • The name should be the full name of the measure, as described by the anchor publication, followed by an abbreviation in parentheses, if applicable
    • e.g., "Parent General Behavioral Inventory: Depression 10 Item Form A (PGBI 10M A)"
    • e.g., "KINDL"
    • e.g., "7-Up 7-Down"
  • Add tags
    • For the measure itself
    • For each language we have translations for
    • For each informant we have translations for
  • Update the measure index

Adding a language to a measure[edit | edit source]

  • Create a component within the measure component
  • Name the component "[language] [informant]" plus any other identifiers that distinguish it from other versions of the measure
  • Add a brief description to the component
    • e.g. "[language] translation of the [measure]"
  • Set the component category to "Methods and Measures
  • Add relevant contributors

The easy way is just to clone the contributors from the parent project, but we might want to get more specific in the future

  • At the very least: include project leaders as admin
  • Add tags to the component for:
    • Measure, Language, Informant, and all translation statuses represented in the files
    • Make sure to use the tags that are standard across all our projects
  • Update the component wiki with any relevant metadata, including:
    • Translation status

Trello cards sometimes have information about forward and backwards translations

  • Copy this in bulleted list format (see other languages for an example)
  • Upload the files from Trello to OSF Storage
    • You can simply drag them from your computer to OSF Storage and it will bulk-upload them
  • Add tags to each of the files you just uploaded
    • Include all the tags from the parent component (Measure, Language, and Informant)
    • Add tag for translation status
    • Use a letter code if applicable, else the entire label
    • Update the measure index if necessary