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We describe some Wikiversity learning flows for beginners.

  • You want to learn something with Wikiversity.
  • You come to or
  • You go to the search box on the upper left corner
    • You enter the topic/subject that you want to learn: the Mediawiki engine that powers Wikiversity would return either
      • a learning resource with the title (if it exists)
      • a list of resources which match your entry
        • You start participating in the community learning around the said resource(s), making use of the hyperlinks to find more resources; or you may create an alternative if you don't like it (in wikimedia, we often use simple and natural English title, so that it can be embedded in a sentence, e.g. use study guide for Shakespeare's tragedy of Hamlet instead of study guide:Hamlet (Shakespeare) - but that is up to your personal taste; take some care to make sure that the title is sufficiently unambiguous)
          • You use Wikiversity to
            1. collect on-line or on-paper resources, including text, images, pdf files, audio, etc
            2. convene your learning community

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