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Lesson Framework
This is NOT a template. Rather than is a rough outline that you copy and place in your lesson so you have a framework to begin with.
Option 1
An easy way to add this entire form to your page is to type the words {{subst:Template:Blank lesson page - Color scheme 3}} in the edit window of your blank page and then "SAVE PAGE". The formating and text of the blank lesson page will be copied into your lesson page. Then you can select "EDIT" again and begin modifying the page. (This method seems a bit dorky but it works.)
Option 2
Or you can simply copy all this source code (or some part of it) into the edit box on your new page and then you can begin to modify this page.


Section heading left
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Heading left

Description on left of three box section.
Top heading on right
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Title of top right section

Description on right top

  • Item
  • on right top
  • of three box section
Title on right bottom
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Title on bottom right

Description on bottom right

  • Item
  • on left botton
  • of three box section
Conclusion title
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