Filmmaking Basics/Understanding Filmmaking/Editing a conversation

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"Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop CD-ROM

Getting started

The story in pictures

Step 1
Print the storyboard page so you can follow along when you watch the movie.

An education movie

Step 2
Watch the movie called "Start Here". This shows you all the steps of editing a conversation.

Long edit of the scene

Step 3
Watch the movie called "Sample with Music". There are questions about this version on the Final Exam.

Getting Started
Step 4
There is a lot of stuff on this disk.

Fun things to do
Look at all of the film dailies for the scene. Then read the "tour of the movie set" to learn how this scene was filmed.
Film Editing
This the same disks used for the motion picture editing course at Wikiversity Film School. Therefore, by completing this lesson, you will be ready to take the film editing course.
When you are ready

Take the exam

Earn points for the next disk
Once you are finished looking the disks, you must answer the questions in this lesson. Each disk has a separate introduction page and a separate questions page.
Take the exam for "Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop CD

The next page

Earn points by taking the exam
To continue with this lesson, you will need another disk. To get the disk, you must complete the Pop Quiz on the stuff on the "Follow Dave" disk.

Contact your instructor

Your instructor for this filmmaking class is Robert Elliott. You can email me by clicking here.